jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Final Project!!

The Final Project I made with the group was about making a magazine in Second Life called "SECOND MAG".! It was fun making the questions that were going to be used for the interviews...and the zodiac signs ilustrations! I had no idea what to do it of..I mean, if it was a women's horoscope or a general horoscope, so I just used signs and the elements...But organizing the whole thing was fun, listening to the ideas, listing them up, organizing who was going to do what...finding the people who we were going to interview..was really fun..we met some people..Arceus Law; who is a SL model, Jenne Dibou ; she's a creator in SL.

There was also an article about DUBSTEP music and a DJ called Issac was interviewed for the magazine. Then we created our own horoscope, and an ilustration of Second Life. Overall, I think we had a really nice group we were all responsible and we all made the magazine happen. That's us down there, azul, papitasyhelado, imraff, nushita, and our teacher pionia destiny.

There were other groups putting up their designs in SL as well...

There were a lot of projects, besides ours, we created a magazine and others made corporate identity design, a 3D museum, a poster, etc.

martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

The Art of Self-branding!

I found an interesting and helpfull article, I didn't post it complete just made a summary of it.. but there's the link so you can read it all! .. I'm going to look for two paragraphs and select the verbs, pronouns, nouns, adjetives, adverbs, preposition, conjunction and interjection, also have to look for preffix ans sufix!, and write 3 sentences and tell about the verbs!!

A Brief Primer
   Branding. Most people think that “brand” begins and ends with the logo, when the truth is much more than that. Essentially, a brand is an idea and perceived value formed by its intended audience based on a company’s culture, product, and service. An identity system that includes the logo and colour scheme is typically the starting point of a brand, but it can branch out to exactly how you word things to customers, to what type of people you hire, to what furniture you even want to use. Tyler Durden says, You’re not your khahkis. With branding, you’re not your frigging logo. Not quite.
   So how do you get your brand to dance and sing? Branding for another company is already quite a venture, but branding yourself is almost a completely different animal altogether. The main difference with branding your company versus a client, is that there are restrictions with your client. With you, there’s typically none. And worst of all, you may even have to get philosophical about it!The best way to go about tackling this project, in my opinion, is to pretend you’re an amnesiac. A new company without a brand is just like an amnesiac — there’s a general feeling over how things should be, but you are completely lost. An amnesiac has a previously established personality perceived by those around him, but has no idea how to define it.Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Who are you? How’d I get here? You don’t need to be a rogue secret-agent to ask these questions.
   Creating brands for others is already a difficult exercise, but self-branding is often an exercise in torture. The process forces you to look at yourself, your personality, and your skillset with harsh eyes. In translating those truths into descriptive copy, you’ll have to walk a fine line between confidence and arrogance, cleverness and insincerity, and appearing knowledgeable without being condescending to your audience. .Be consistent. And most of all, be honest. With a little bit of work, you’ll be on your way to defining your own brand!


* Essentially, a brand is an idea and perceived value formed by its intended audience based on a company’s culture, product, and service. An identity system that includes the logo and colour scheme is typically the starting point of a brand, but it can branch out to exactly how you word things to customers, to what type of people you hire, to what furniture you even want to use.

     - Noun: idea, brand, formed,  audience, based, company,  culture,  product, service, identity, system,         
                  logo, colour, scheme,  point , word, things , customers ,  furniture.
     - Adverb: Essentially,  out,  exactly,  how,  what
     - Verb:  is, perceived, value, includes, starting,  can (estes es modal verb),  branch, want, to use
     - Pronoun: that, it,  you
     - Adjective: its, intended,  typically,  even, torture, harsh
     - Preposition: by,  on, of, to
     - Conjunction: and,  but
     - Interjection:
     - Preffix:
     - Suffix:

* In translating those truths into descriptive copy, you’ll have to walk a fine line between confidence and arrogance, cleverness and insincerity, and appearing knowledgeable without being condescending to your audience. .Be consistent. And most of all, be honest.

     - Noun: truths, copy,  line , confidence, audience
     - Adverb: most,  all     
     -Verb: translating, will, have, walk, appearing, being , Be
     - Pronoun: those, you, your     
     - Adjective: descriptive:  fine, insincerity; knowledgeable, condescending, consistent, honest
     - Preposition: In, into, to, a,  between,  without, of
     - Conjunction: And
     - Interjection:
     - Preffix:
     - Suffix:

viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Writting a Cover Letter!

So this is how I would write my cover letter if I was applying to the freelancing job in Cali! you can use it as an example too haha... 

Nataly  Palacio


 Company: Evriholder
 Location: XXX XXXX

 Dear Evriholder:

I am writting in response to the position of Freelancer in Branding and Corporate Identity design, advertised in the www.coroflot.com page. I have a passion for design and to create innovative art; I enjoy coming up with new concepts and work in whole new images. I believe I have the experience that you require and would be looking forward to apply my skills in your company.

I have worked with other types of companies creating their image, making corporate identity manuals, designing  POP material, I have great knowledge of the use of design programs such as Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator. I am very creative when it comes to make a new image, thinking on concepts and giving ideas and solutions, quick learner, hard working, and very responsible, I do not have problems with meeting deadlines and I can work in a team as well.

I look forward to hear from you, and hope we can speak further, thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Nataly Palacio

martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

About Walt Disney!

I have to say, one of the people I admire the most is Walt Disney! I can't do much of animation but he's definatly one of my idols...He came from down under, he was very poor and that didn't stop him from achieving what he wanted.  As a kid he used to draw a lot and would sell his drawings so he could help out his family, his family encouraged him with his gift and so he went to art schools and photography schools, comercial art schools; until he finally went to Hollywood where he won some awards and started to make films! he was the first to make color cartoons! He didn't only make films, he also had the idea of a park where even grown ups would feel like they were kids again! which he made it happen, maybe that's why when you go to Disneyland you hear everywhere that's the place " WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE" I guess we should believe that..!

Besides he made a cartoon film of Alice in Wonderland which I looooove and don't get tired of watching..:)
So Walt Is the BEST

miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

About an article!

I read the article   Top 10 Online Job Search Tips  that you'll find in this web site: http://www.careerbuilder.com/Article/CB-703-Job-Search-Top-10-Online-Job-Search-Tips/ Well to me it was good information! and totally true, I mean a lot of people looking for a job don't really know what they are looking for really; now things have gotten easier with the networking sites such as  LinkedIn.com, facebook.com and it's much safer for your security, A thing I picked up and haven't thought about it was to make my web portafolio so it would be easier, instead of making a resume just send my link! or, if someone needs a graphic designer and are searching  in the web they'll find me. Some good tips to know...!

"THE" job, Art Director

To be an art director it's something I would like to be, or to work on... I'd like to be managing branding and corporate identity! sounds like a lot of work, but it is something I like! (definatly have to improve my web skills.. and other stuff though) 

Job Details

Company:Orange Square
Location: US  – Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Job Level:Mid-Level Staff
Field: Graphic Design
Job Functions: Art Direction, Branding & Corporate Identity, Design


Orange Square is currently looking for the brightest, most creative, detail-oriented, and organized graphic designer in New England. You are not only an amazing and skilled designer, but you are passionate about developing simple, yet beautiful brand identity solutions and your portfolio proves that.

• We value experience and process and we believe whole-heartedly in connecting strategy to design (Refer to bullet #7).
• We provide an environment that encourages creativity and discovery. We reward smart solutions and hard work while having fun.
• Qualified candidates must have seven or more years experience as a senior designer or art director in print and digital media design within a design firm.
• You are able to design an entire identity system from concept through completion.
• Attention to detail, killer typographic skills, and an obsession for organization is a must.
• You have impeccable skills working directly with clients and in communicating via email and the phone.
• Your portfolio MUST demonstrate the ability to apply strategic thinking to conceptual and well-executed identity solutions. In other words, if you don’t prescribe to our mantra that “design follows strategy” (see the work on our website), please don’t apply.
• You will be responsible for creating an entire brand identity which will include items such as, websites (excluding coding), electronic communication, print collateral, logos, stationery, annual reports, advertising, trade show displays and more.

This is a full-time position performed on site. Yes, we really do come to a cool office every day.

Company Info:
Orange Square is a leading strategy and design firm that works with mission-driven companies and is headquartered in Rhode Island. We help mission-driven organizations redefine, articulate, and align organizational values and brand. We translate those values into the right audience-centered marketing communication messages and materials that connect with audiences, raise awareness and inspire action. We specialize in all elements of strategic visual communications (i.e., branding, corporate identity programs, marketing/sales collateral materials, annual reports, environmental design, trade show displays, websites, and print advertising).

Specific Skills

Additional Requirements:
• BA or BS in graphic design, or equivalent required
• Expert in Adobe CS5 (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign – Mac platform)
• Proven ability to manage multiple projects and meet aggressive deadlines
• Organized and articulate communication skills
• Strong client interaction experience
• Proven experience with all aspects of print production
• Web coding a plus


Finding two jobs! Logo Designer!

Hi guys!! I'm choosing two jobs...the one I can do now (with little experience) , and THE dream job (when I get more experience). The first one is the one I can do now, since its a new company its better to make something completly new! and the designer will also be needed in other ocasions. 

Job Details

Location: US  – Anaheim, California
Job Level:Freelance
Field: Graphic Design
Job Functions: Branding & Corporate Identity, Design


Seeking a talented Logo Designer for the development of a logo and logotype, that will represent our company personality. Estimated timeframe is from March 15 – April 1st and the designer is expected to work remotely with some required onsite meetings.

Specific Skills

Duties of the Logo Designer
• Develop 6-9 logo concepts and 4-5 logotypes in adobe illustrator.
• Present design concepts as a formal PDF presentation in both black and white and color.
• Revise 2-3 logos based on Marketing feedback and re-present to team logo and color revisions.
• Finalize the final chosen logo.
• Create alternatives of the logo chosen for different media including.ai, .eps. pdf, .jpeg and .psd versions in both black and white and color.